2011-10-16 11:11:21 by SmirkLord

I'm just making a new post because i want to make a new post. Nothing in particular to state or talk about. I just want to make a new post. Indeed, that's the only reason, this amalgamation of alphabets even exists.

That's about it.


Madness post

2010-09-23 06:30:44 by SmirkLord

My madness artwork. It's not all that great, but i'll put it up anyway because it doesnt actually go in to the submissions unless i'm scouted right?

Madness post

I can't make a blank newspost.

Look what the world's come to...

NvsDBZ much?

2010-08-05 08:03:13 by SmirkLord

A while ago - when i first got on Newgrounds- i made a sprite series called NvsDBZ. It was about some tournament that involved all the major anime characters. Well sort of major. The most popular ones, maybe[?]. Fine. SOME characters from anime having to battle it out for a random alien race. I'd entirely forgotten about them until recently when i had the misfortune of coming across one of them while clearing out some old files. It was sad. Just sad. So, since i lack the skills to come up with an ACTUAL [original, rather] animation, i simply took it upon myself to redo the whole series. And TRY to come up with something vaguely resembling a storyline, at the very least. So, i did. Then i got bored. Stopped doing. Then got SO bored, i just started it again and got it overwith. And hence, i present to you, the new NvsDBZ, re-titled : "Tourney Journey' [lame animations, beg lame titles], and yea, that's pretty much it.

Yea....You don't care...


2010-08-02 08:15:18 by SmirkLord

Go to HELL!!! Or my blog.... [It's much the same thing]

...i really dont. And that's what bugs me! Nothing at all! It's like life's run dry of even the slight stream of anything resembling interesting. Somehow i never expected that to happen. Not even with the exams that are on. Now all i can think of is random junk like:

Three rabbits can never make two ducks. Never trust anyone who says otherwise. They're elves in disguise.

or : Every third Dragonfly is the son of a 5th generation Realm-Lord's 7th incarnation. It's no wonder then, that they faulter in flight. The hunter is ever present.

or this : Griffins aren't inherently evil, they're just jealous of elaborate balding.

That's all i can say... Nothing else. At all.Oh there's a lot more if you're interested, chack out my blog : . It's not all that interesting. But check it out anyway! Anyway, seeing as i have nothing to say, I'm gonna leave now! C ya!

That's it!

2009-02-28 11:40:15 by SmirkLord

That's IT! I've just about had it with me! I simply cannot animate to a storyline! How many ever times i try, something or the other happens, i get really annoyed and i dump the project. Then i open it months later and start working again. Then the whole cycle keeps repeating itself until the animation is complete. Well this doesn't mean I'm gonna quit animating. It means, I'm gonna share my ideas with everyone who wants to hear them and is willing to help out. If you want to check out some of my ideas (and see if you're interested) head to my site and check out the 'Contact Me' page. Fill up the form and Submit it. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Well, just thought I'd let that out. Anyway, I'm gonna go work on my animations now!

ees uoy retal,

Looking for Voice Actors

2009-02-21 07:09:34 by SmirkLord

Well, basically i have gotten really annoyed with these text balloons and subtitles and all. So I'm looking for some voice actors to do the voice acting(:P) for me. Since, I most probably could never(ever) meet anyone in person and get it done. I'd probably send the voice actor just the dialogues and also the situations so he/she will be able to give it the right tone of voice. I'm seriously looking for people to help. Well, if i can't anyone to help me out with this, I'll have to use my voice(not a very great thing to do to my animation). Anyway, if your interested or simply are bored and want to simply do something you can reach me at: Well, that's it for now! Thanks.

New Club

2008-11-29 04:05:12 by SmirkLord

Halo everyone,
I'm forming a new club called 'SmirkLand' its gonna be basically for animators gamers. It'd be a great forum for sharing your ideas and also maybe doing a few collabs. I know there are already like a billion sites on the net like this. But i'm trying to make this ddifferent. So it would be nice if you could give me a few ideas for this. Well thanks for spending your time reading this. I'll keep you posted.